Discover How YOU Can Master the Challenge of Beginning A Counseling Career with EASE and PEACE!

Two things which only come when you know what you're doing and when to do it!

As a counselor-in-training, you're taking on incredibly hard classes, working hundreds of unpaid hours helping other people, and trying to have some semblance of a personal life.

 I know how that feels. I've been there!

It's exhausting, and you constantly feel overwhelmed by what comes next.

If you're like me, there are times when you literally feel like panicking (or crawling under the covers and hiding!) when ONE MORE THING comes your way.

That's why, when I finally made it through my internship, I created the workbook I wished I'd had when it came to training as a counselor, including:

Done For You Documents Like:
  • An example Professional Disclosure Statement. (You can reproduce it and edit it to suit yourself!) 
  • Disclaimer to post in your office.
  • Hours-tracking worksheets.

You know, the stuff that just makes life simpler! 

As well as:

Done For You To-Do Lists Like:
  • The essential site interview questions.
  • Supplies needed to set up your very first office.
  • A list of all the major professional liability insurance providers.
  • My favorite marketing books so far!
And, since I also remember the personal challenges of starting my internship, the workbook also includes

Burnout Prevention
  • Tips for talking to a difficult supervisor.
  • Defining your personal boundaries. (I promise, it really can be done.)
  • Countertransference prevention worksheet.

And I know you are concerned about repaying those student loans, so the workbook also teaches you to:

Market Yourself! 
  • Define your target population.
  • Create your key client attraction methods.
  • Understand your unique gift that will draw clients to you!

The Beginning Counselor's Survival Guide Workbook is THE One-Stop-Shop for your counselor training needs. I didn't hold anything back. With the purchase of this workbook, you get:
  • 30+ worksheets and tip sheets. (The ones described above and much MORE!)
  • A downloadable pdf document that you can print and reproduce for your own use over and over.
  • Word document version of my example professional disclosure statement. (So you can edit it and use it for yourself.)
  • All-Access Pass to any future revision of the Beginning Counselor's Survival Guide Workbook. (If I publish a future, updated version of the BCSG Workbook, you have only to ask and it's yours, free.)
  • My personal moneyback guarantee: If it doesn't help you start your counseling career off right, I will refund you for the purchase price, no questions asked.

So, how much do you think something like that would be worth to you? After all, this is information it took me:
  • 2 Years in my master's program.
  • 2 Years in my clinical internship, and
  • Over 100 hours of clinical supervision time.
To learn!

Those numbers represent a lot of time and a lot of money. 

Similar workbooks (but less targeted to YOUR needs) sell on Amazon
for anywhere from $30 to $99 or MORE!

And they DON'T offer a moneyback guarantee or any provision for future editions, let ALONE editable, done-for-you worksheets with no copyright restrictions!*
*For personal use. Purchasing the workbook does not give you a license to sell or share the workbook with anyone else. 

So let me ask you again, what do you think that's worth to you? 

  • Saving $30-$99 on another workbook or training manual.
  • Extra time with your supervisor, $20-150 an hour.
  • Training workshops, $80-200. 
Using the most conservative figures, that's at least a $130 you'd be spending. More realistically, (since you can't get everything covered with your supervisor all at once - you don't know what to ask) you could be spending $200-500, or more. 

I didn't have that kind of money as an student or intern. Do you?
That's why your investment for The Beginning Counselor's Survival Guide 
Workbook is only $9.95.

Give Me INSTANT Access To My Workbook!

Providing affordable, practical and effective help for Beginning Counselors is something I really believe in. That's why the workbook is only $9.95, or a tiny bit more for Texas residents with sales tax. 

And remember, I offer the moneyback guarantee (although I don't expect you to need it) and free access to any future edition of the BCSG Workbook I publish. This is a purchase that's good FOR LIFE. 

Yes, I'd like to have a huge portion of my counselor training DONE FOR ME and take the stress out of beginning a counseling career:

Give Me INSTANT Access To My Workbook!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep the window open after your purchase as you will be INSTANTLY redirected to the workbook download page. If the window does not come up for any reason, please contact me right away. In most cases, you should reach the download page within five minutes.  

Give Me INSTANT Access To My Workbook!

And don't forget about The Beginning Counselor's Survival Guide Book! It's available in paperback and e-book format.