Wednesday, September 4, 2013

12 Business Tips For Counselors!

Well, the First Annual Mind Your Own Business Virtual Conference for Private Practice Therapists has come to an end. I felt like I was playing hooky last Tuesday night when I just had my regular 5 pm client and then....did nothing. Normally, I would have been on the Facebook group, chatting it up about the latest training! But as great as it all was, I think it was time to take a breather. We all needed a second to absorb all that we learned. 

To help you process what we've learned, and to share with those who weren't able to attend the conference, I've put together some tips I took away for the trainings that we covered. I'd love to hear if MY takeaways were the same, or different, from yours and what you think of them! Comment below.

On Twitter

  • You can easily create a "bank" of 20 "sound-bite tweets" that you can dole out over time through a Tweet delivery service like Hootsuite. These tweets give value to your potential clients by just sharing something informational or encouraging on your subject of expertise, no hashtags or selling.  - Wendy Kier
On Email Marketing
  • It holds constant as one of people's PREFERRED methods of receiving advertising and information, and therefore is an ideal, unobtrusive way to stay in touch with potential clients who might not be ready to make an appointment today. - Sarah Schwab
On Client Attraction
  • "The Red Velvet Rope Policy" refers to the idea that not every client will be right for you or you for them - meaning you are not a failure if every client doesn't match with you. Ironically, being more selective increases your client attraction because you know what you do best and can draw those who will benefit from it to you. - Dr. Deb Legge
On Boundaries
  • Choosing to extend client time unnecessarily or reduce fees without genuine cause creates an imbalance in your relationship with your client that can sabotage your work with them. - Julie Migneault

On Websites
  • Having an online scheduler increases client retention because clients can sign themselves up for an open spot while they're surfing at 3 a.m. - Greer van Dyck, TherapySites
On Making Mistakes
  • The two biggest mistakes I made in my early years of practice was limiting myself and not paying for the services and training I needed to become the kind of counselor I wanted to be. - Yours Truly
On Public Speaking
  • You can encourage people to pay attention to your whole presentation by making sure you know exactly who you're speaking to and tailoring your speech to them.  - Lisa Braithwaite
On Video Marketing
  • If you're starting out and nervous about putting yourself on video, a good way to "ease in" is to use a screencast recording (only captures your screen on your computer, not your face) like - Lynn Ruby
On Therapist Directory Advertising
  • You need a good six months on a directory site to see if it's getting you the clients you need. Sometimes, clients may bookmark your page and not come back till months later. - Elizabeth Doherty Thomas.
On Cyberculture
  • Cyberculture is an aspect of multicultural awareness, and if you do not investigate your client's relationship to technology, you're leaving out a huge part of who they are. - DeeAnna Nagel
On Writing a Book
  • Promote your book and your practice through HARO, a free opportunity to be a source for magazine, news, online and television stories.  - Trudy Scott
On Blogging
  • Don't forget to check out your "digital footprint" - what are people seeing about you online when they search for your practice? - Tamara Suttle
Mind Your Own Business Mastery Kit

If you attended the MYOB conference, What was your biggest takeaway from the trainings you listened to?

If you did not attend, What did you learn today that surprised you? 

Comment Below!