Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's Your Dream?

One of my favorite things about Beginning Counselor is that we support each others' dreams. This is something I wanted for us from the beginning, but it hasn't come about due to me - it's something you guys have done completely on your own. And I love it!

Now, you can find that kind of support on Pinterest. I've created a secret board just for Beginning Counselors to share their dreams, inspiration, and support for one another. 

This secret board will be a place for all of us to share things like:

  • Trainings & certifications we want to pursue.
  • Office setup & decor ideas for our future workplaces!
  • Projects & charities we want to support.
  • Counseling-related changes we want to support.
  • Inspirational quotes we believe in.
  • Goals we want accountability on.
  • Blog posts that teach us creative techniques.
  • Resources for future practice.

In other words, it's a place where you share your dreams for the future!

If dreaming is a step in planning, the more we share with one another - in a safe, private, encouraging environment - the more likely we are to see our dreams realized.

Here's an example of my dream pins for you to take inspiration from.

This article discusses the two remaining “building blocks to counselor license portability" and what needs to happen to remove them. Dream: Common licensure title, scope of practice, and education requirements.

This is what keeps me going as a counselor. Dream: To focus my practice on helping people avoid giving up on their dreams!

Dream: Inspirational office decor!

I can't wait to see what kinds of pins you share that inspire you! 

Here's how you get started:

[A note before beginning: Every Beginning Counselor is welcome, but since it's a secret board (so we can all feel safe to share our hopes and dreams) there is a bit of a process to joining! But hey, it wouldn't be special and exclusive if it was totally easy to join....]

Joining the BeginningCounselor Dream Board
 on Pinterest.

The first step is to follow me on Pinterest. This isn't just a cheap way for me to increase my followers, but also makes it easier when it comes to inviting you to join our board. 

Second, comment on the blog below (if you're reading this in your email, just click here to go to the main blog page) and say "add me!" If you've done the first step correctly, I will be connected to your name on Pinterest already and be able to easily add you. 

This is me typing in Tamara's name to add her to the board. This is what I will do for you after you comment.

PLEASE NOTE: If your name is not included in your Pinterest account, for whatever reason, you will need to let me know the name of your Pinterest account in your "add me" comment. 

To reiterate: 1) Follow me. 2) Comment on this post: "add me" plus your name if not in your Pinterest account. 

Let the pinning begin!

P.S. Have questions about secret boards? Pinterest has written a post with all the answers!
P.P.S. This board will remain secret at all times so that it is exclusive to us. New pinners will have to follow the same procedure as you to join us.