Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can You Keep Up?

Yesterday, Jessica from the LinkedIn Beginning Counselor Group, posted a great question. She asked if we could recommend any good websites to help refresh a counselor's clinical knowledge/skills and keep us updated on new theories and treatments. I started to type an answer, but soon realized I needed more time to do some research. So I did, and here's what I came up with:
A source of continuing education, humorous cartoons, and blog articles, was created by Victor Yalom (yes, related to that Yalom, but he has a great deal of talent all on his own) and one of my favorite places to go to brush up on my clinical knowledge. The blog articles are great. Not all of them are theory-based, but the ones that are have great content. I recommend:

Psychoanalysis Is Alive And Well by Kim Chernin, PhD

The Miraculous (Or Not) Efficacy of Solution-Focused Therapy by John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD

Working with the Unemotional in Emotionally Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson, EdD (American Counseling Association)
Featuring webinars, a great blog, and tons of articles, it may be the best source for clinical development out there. (But that's a member's biased opinion. :)

Webinars include:

Depression: New and Emerging Treatment Strategies

Developing Your Own Integrative Theory of Counseling

The DSM-5: Navigating the New Terrain

The ACA Blog features treatment perspectives from the best and brightest:

The Transformative Power of Metaphor: Three Examples by Anita Knight (Anita consistently writes well in the area of clinical knowledge.)

Recognizing "Change Talk" in Your Clients by Barbara Jordan (On Motivational Interviewing. I have spoken with Barbara and found her to be a counselor and coach of high integrity.)
Though Tamara Suttle excels at writing about marketing, networking, and the rest of the nuts and bolts of private practice, she also writes and hosts some great articles about consultation, supervision and professional development.

Getting The Most Out Of Clinical Supervision (Guest Post by Lauren Ostrowski)

Online Resources For Evidence-Based Treatment In Counseling (American Psychological Association) 
Great articles, and CE options if you're looking for it!

Clinical Topics Index 

Free Clinical Psychology Courses 
Courtesy of Open Culture, downloadable Audio and Video Courses from Universities like UC Berkeley and MIT.

Course List
Ones I'd like to check out include, Scientific Approaches to Consciousness, Communication and Conflict in Families and Couples, and The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food!

Online Therapy Institute
OTI has free resources on online therapy, ethics, research and more. 

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What resources would YOU add to this list? Let us know - comment below! (Hey, that rhymes!)

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