Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Video Post: Creating a (Counseling) Business Facebook Page!

You guys just have no idea how lucky you are today.

Jennifer Del Castillo, a new friend I met through the MYOB conference, recently went above and beyond to help another member correct a problem she was having categorizing her Facebook business page.

The way she followed up with it demonstrated 2 things:

1) She cared about helping those who were new or unfamiliar with a process find clarity.

2) She really knew her stuff.

I wasn't born yesterday. I knew Jennifer had some skills I wanted to make sure you guys got a taste of. She agreed to do a guest post for you on how to create a Facebook page for your counseling business.

She's incredibly modest, so she probably won't take credit for it, but she did an absolutely amazing job.

Check out her guest video blog below:

Please thank her for her selfless and thorough instructional video in the comments below.

Jennifer Del Castillo is a licensed professional counselor and yoga teacher in the metro Atlanta area. You can find her website: Your Mindful Path Counseling & Yoga. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.

After you finish checking her out, would you hop by my new Facebook page and give me a "like?" I just made it after watching this video (she inspired me that much!) and right now, I only have one "like." It's really lonely right now and could use some friends! 

Thanks again, Jennifer! You're amazing!