Thursday, October 3, 2013

Free Worksheets For Therapists

So, this week's blog post is a little late...but that's because I had to put in an extra dose of awesome. You're welcome. :) 

On a beginning counselor budget while working with your first practicum clients? Check out any of these websites for free printable worksheets for you to use with your clients! 

Therapist Aid

These worksheets can be filtered by age range and topic (or both). Make sure you click the worksheets tab on top.
Key Assets: Couples Worksheets, Visuals, Charts, and Handouts. 

Autism Teaching Strategies
In addition to excellent resources for those who focus on autism, many of the downloads can be used just as easily for older children and tweens with a variety of social or thought-based disorders. (Click "Free Social Skills Downloads") Games available too! 
Standouts: Poison and Antidote CBT Thought Bubbles Game, Words Hurt, Words Help Worksheets

Though it is cognitive-behavioral therapy self-help strategies, even if you have a different theoretical orientation, you'll still find a lot here. These worksheets are practical, visual, and varied.  Great handouts as well as worksheets. 

Psychology Tools
Home of more specialized tools than many, such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder Formulation and more, these tools are just as helpful for the student psychologist or counselor as they are for the client. 
Quick Wall Decor: Post The Tasks Of Grief or Unhelpful Thinking Styles on your office wall to start a discussion. 

What I like most about this collection is its' diversity: Kim has links from all over the world, colorful behavior charting for children, and in-depth, thought-provoking resources for adults. She also has resources for some divisions that many overlook, like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and more. One caveat: Some of the links require you to click through because direct linking isn't allowed, but that isn't Kim's fault, just the way it's set up with the original creator of the worksheets. 
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A whole blog devoted to what this blog post is about - what could be better? Able to offer a great deal, due to the fact it's a regular thing. 
Better Serving Our Soldiers:  Check out this entry focused on worksheets for veterans

Smaller but still noteworthy group because the worksheets are more thorough than most, including references, expected outcomes, pitfalls and more.
Heartwarming Habit: "Bedtime Blessings"

And some more random ones I came across along the way...

Enjoy! But don't forget to practice good freebie etiquette - do not sell these worksheets or otherwise use them in a manner inconsistent with the creator's requests. I will disown you. :) 

Have a resource I overlooked? Post it below!