Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You Told Me!

Last week, out of worries that I wasn't offering blog posts that were of enough relevance to your experience as a new counselor, I decided to do the simple thing and ask you guys what you thought. I was OVERWHELMED by your helpful feedback and kind support. I will be SO MUCH better able to support you now that I know what you're looking for!

The FIRST question I asked was: 

Which of the following topics are the MOST interesting and/or helpful to you?

Here's what you said:
What New Counselors Most Want To Read About
Counseling Techniques was a BIG one, followed closely and more or less equally by private practice business building, resources for counselors, support and job or internship help. 

Next, I had asked you, "What would you say is your number one challenge right now related to the world of counseling?" This answer was open-ended, and the responses were even more diverse: 

  • Getting Clients 
  • Getting Ideal Clients 
  • Internship/Employment 
  • Establishing A Business 
  • Marketing as an LPC-I 
  • LPCC in California/Internship in California
  • Reducing No-Shows 
  • Updating License While Relocating 
  • Creative Techniques and Handouts 
  • What To Do In The Interim Period Between Grad & License 
  • Clients You Don't Know How To Help 
  • Meeting The Clients Where They Are 
  • Finances/Income 
  • Finding a Paid Internship 
  • Getting On Insurance Panels 
  • Getting More Supervised Experience 

So to this I say: Challenge accepted. 

I pledge to address each and every one of these concerns in upcoming blog posts so that you can have a more healthy, happy new counselor experience. 

And in the meantime, I want to encourage you to remain active in seeking out your answers to those questions and forming a stronger community of counselors. 

Here are some great ways to make that happen. 

For those of you who'd like to keep your finger on the pulse of business-building for private practice counselors, check these out:

The Mind Your Own Business Virtual Conference FACEBOOK group, where we discuss business needs, share tips, and collaborate. 

Here's what we are about:
A networking group for business-minded counselors

Please note: Since we get a lot of spammers (we're just awesome that way) you MUST message me here on Facebook as you request to join the group or your membership will not be approved. (Just say "I joined!")

You'll also want to subscribe to 30 Days To A More Profitable Private Practice free business success tips by yours truly. 

Find business advice and brilliance at Psychotherapy Private Practice Marketing

For those of you who want help with supervision and internships, look at these resources: 

Kim Peterson, of Kim's Counseling Corner, has a Facebook group called Young Counseling Professionals and Supervisors. (She gave me permission to invite ya'll!) 

Here's the description for that:
  • New graduates, interns, and young therapists, as well as supervisors in counseling and psychology are encouraged to join in an effort to offer support and mentoring to those just starting out. Post questions, photos, and events aimed to encourage, support, and challenge new counseling professionals.

And don't forget about:

You must sign up for the newsletter. I do, and I love it!

And of course, for the many, many of you who are thirsty to improve your counseling techniques:

Here's a website I just found that I think is kind of amazing! 

Check this out, let me know what you think - and keep following the blog for more success secrets, business-building, encouragement, tips, tricks and how-tos!