Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Power of Language in Sexual Trauma Therapy: Words That Oppress, Words That Heal [Video Post]

The childhood rhyme was wrong. Words can often hurt you.

How much do your words matter in sexual trauma therapy? If you are a counselor, your word choice can radically change the emotions of your client - for better or for worse. Old-fashioned words like "rape" can throw back a client to feeling like it matters what she's wearing and where she was when an assault happened. Naming a client as a survivor, on the other hand, can uplift and empower a client who is feeling powerless. 

Next week, come back for the third installment of our special therapist competency series: To Tell The Story or Not To Tell The Story? The Question of Uncovering The Abuse Story in Sexual Trauma Therapy.

What do you think of the special focus series on sexual trauma? Are there any specialties you'd like to see covered in the future? Let me know!

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