Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To Tell The Story Or Not To Tell The Story?

When I first started working with clients who had been through sexual abuse and assault, I could see the pain in their eyes when they recounted what they had been through. 

In therapy for sexual assault, the beginning counselor can wonder whether or not to encourage the client to tell their story, causing the client distress. But is it important enough that the therapist should encourage the client to talk about it even when they don't want to? What should the therapist be careful about when they ask the client about the situations they've overcome in their past? This short video helps the therapist know what precautions to take when recalling an assault with a client and ultimately how important it is to the client's recovery. 

*Note: The advice in this video is intended only for licensed therapists trained in working with clients who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. Nothing in this video should be considered a substitute for professional counseling, training, or supervision.*